Blitzer leader - what happens when there are two?

Lets consider a situation where two leaders have the same perk - Blitzer. As per card : SWIFT: Once per battle, after determining Advantage Marker, take the Advantage Marker.
The question is - if the player A is determined to have the Advantage Marker, and then player B steals it with Blitzer, can player A steal it back with its own Blitzer?
Or RAW - the Advantage Marker is taken by player B after determining it, and player A can’t use it’s own Blitzer, as the time for that already passed - that would mean that Blitzer goes for the player who first declared it (as i assume U can “steal” Ur own AM)

Toss a dice or flip a coin, but you could give Advantage to the player with less points, since they’re voluntarily at a handicap.

this may be fun in casual play but we are having championships in a moment and we need official rules solution for that :sunglasses:

Hey @boyleer

Both rules would trigger and resolve at the same time. If both players use Blitzer, the Advantage Marker would be stolen by one player to then by stolen back by the other. It is entirely optional though to use your Blitzer to counter another Blitzer though!