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Beyond the 2D20 - Seminar from Dragonmeet 2018

We’ve just put this video up, which is a seminar from this year’s Dragonmeet. If you’re interested in the history and future of the 2D20 system, take a look!

At Dragonmeet 2018, some of the Modiphius team got together to talk about the past, present and future of the 2D20 system. How the system started, what goes into creating a successful RPG system and how can you make it work for different genres.

The speakers are. . .
Nathan Dowdell - Lead developer of the 2D20 system
Chris Birch - CEO and co-founder of Modiphius Entertainment
Sam Webb - Head of RPG team
John Houlihan - Line editor for Achtung! Cthulhu
Benn Graybeaton - Systems and rules editor

Towards the end they’re joined by. . .
Mark Langworthy - Red Scar Publishing / Mutant Chronicles and Infinity for Modiphius

Mark does sit off camera though - which is a shame, because he’s lovely.