Basic Question: How do Earnings work During Chargen?

Making my first character, and I’m confused about how to roll Earnings during her first Career phase. Her Family Social Status was Middle, so I assumed her Earnings were 3. I rolled Military as her starting Career, which lists Earnings as 2 + 1E. What does it mean to roll? Is it 2 Combat dice and one automatic Effect?

Thanks in advance for the help!

The dice code of N + M means:
Roll M Infinity Combat Dice, then add the fixed number of N to get the total.
Infinity Combat Dice are the usual Infinity damage dice with the results: 1, 2, 0, 0, 0, Infinity-Symbol.
The Infinity Symbol on those dice means an Effect. (See qualities that are triggered by rolled Effects.)

Example: 2+3 = 2+3 Combat Dice
You roll 3 Infinity Combat Dice.
Example result on those 3 dice: 0, 1, Effect (the Infinity Symbol)
To that, you add the first, fixed number of the damage code.
In this example, add 2.
Result: 2 (fixed number) + 2 (from the dice roll results) = 4 with 1 Effect.
That is you result.

(Note: the Infinity Symbol in the rules texts usually means the damage DICE.
But sometimes it could mean only the actual Effect RESULT on one of the dice.
Read carefully to get the context.)

(It is actually a bad idea to use symbols with more than one meaning for important and frequently used rules elements. That is a plague that you find across all 2d20 RPGs, starting with Mutant Chronicles and continuing to the most recent ones like Homeworld.
Try to get the context right: the symbol usually means the Combat Dice = damage dice, also used for other things like Earnings determination during Infinity character creation. Keep that separate from the actual Effect dice result, which triggers certain rules.
It is needlessly confusing, but you will manage.)