Avatar The Last Airbender

I think Modiphius would be perfect to make an RPG version of the Avatar Cartoon.

Who else would jump on this if Modiphius dropped this on the market?


Over the years I’ve wondered what system I would use to emulate it. My comfort zone suggests a very minimalist homebrew of the Hero System/Champions.

Some local gamers who are about twenty years younger than I have told me they’re using Genesys for Avatar. The symmetries regarding Genesys and 2d20 already have been discussed on these forums, so I can see it as a good fit. Ever since someone mentioned 2d20 with supers, I’ve been mulling over the possibilities involved in damage Effects and Momentum spends. I think Avatar would look similar. I’m having trouble building Powers as Skills or Magic however. I also should get a copy of JCoM to model the best core mechanic for the genre.

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I think for supers you’d need each character to have their own momentum pool to spend

Best cartoon ever made. I’d collect that line. Imagine the minis. The four tribes would each have their dice. It would be beautiful.


Savage Worlds or FATE Avatar would certainly be awesome!