Asking Again About the Akira-ckass

On the old forums, I asked a few questions about the Akira-class. I cannot find the answers, so I’m asking again,

  1. The description talks about the dedicated quantum torpedo launchers. The ship does not have the Quantum Torpedoes talent. Should it have this talent as a standard feature?
  2. The description mentions nothing about ablative armor. The ship has the Ablative Armor talent. Should it not have this talent as a standard feature?
  3. The class launched in 2368, three years before it could have either Ablative Armor or Quantum Torpedoes as standard (after 2371). Is the Entered Service year wrong, or is it having the talent(s) as standard features wrong?

Very good questions. According to canon (Memory-Alpha/Memory-Beta websites) the Akira launched in 2368 with the launch of the prototype USS Akira. As for the Quantum Torpedoes, according to the erratta, that was removed from the book.

My guess as far as this is concerned if you are concerned with keeping it even as far as restrictions, think of the Akira as being the test-bed for Ablative Armor, or allow Ablative Armor as early as 2368.

Ablative Armor
Extensive Shuttlebays
Rapid-Fire Torpedo Launcher

Those are the three Talents that each Akira comes with as Standard for the spaceframe.

When the Quantum Torpedoes talent was removed in the errata, they should have edited the flavor text to remove the references to the dedicated QT systems.

I think I’m going to edit the standard talents on the Akira to be:
Extensive Shuttlebays
Improved Hull Integrity (after 2371, this is replaced by Ablative Armor)
Rapid-Fire Torpedo Launcher

Sounds good to me.

There is nothing wrong with the first ship in the class having experimental ablative armor. It could be available to this ship only at about any time. 2371 is when the upgrade was generally available.

Do Akira class have quantum torpedoes or do they have to take the talent ?
The online ship creator give it (her?) quantum torpedoes by default without the talent.

That is most likely a bug in the online ship generator. Akira classes do have Photon Torpedoes by default and do not have to take the Quantum Torpedoes Talent.

The online ship creator is in error. Baseline Akiras do not have the Quantum Torpedo talent. We removed the talent in errata but the text description didn’t get changed for some reason. Probably just an oversight.

That’s rules as written, though. If you don’t like it, change it.