Area Quality Question

Hi there. When an Area Quality attack hits a group of PCs do you roll for dmg individually or once and apply it to everyone affected?


Damage is rolled once because you need to see how many Effects you rolled to determine how many targets are hit. Damage is then applied to everyone hit.


To reiterate, Area attacks hit everyone within Reach of the primary target, with one additional target within Close for each Effect rolled on the damage dice.

So if all the PCs are within Reach of the primary target PC, you hit them all with one attack.

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Hmmm. That begs the question: how to determine if the PCs are in reach of one another? This is normally only something you figure out between combatants, not within the PCs group… thoughts on how to run this?

Reach is when you are within arms reach of another. If two PCs are engaged with an opponent they would be in reach of each other.

When you move into Close range, you have to state if you move within Reach of someone. If you don’t, then you are not in Reach.