Adjust and reach

Hi. Could someone explain me how adjust action works. Do i need take it everytime i want to move into enemy’s reach. Further, what enemy’s reach mean exactly. And may i move into another zone and atack enemy with melee in my turn. Cause rules states characters may only perform one movement action in their turn and adjust is such. Thanks in advance.

Core rules p109/110

Reach isn’t a specific range, but rather is something that the player can declare when the character is moving. That is, when a character moves into or within a zone, the player may freely declare that the character is moving into or out of Reach of a particular object or character.

So, if your character uses a move action - and only a single move action per round is allowed - then you can always declare to end it within Reach of an opponent.
If you still have a Standard Action for an attack available or use the Swift Attack Momentum spend or spend a Fortune for a second Standard Action, you may attack the opponent at the end of your movement by a melee attack. - For a ranged attack in the same zone, Close, you don’t need to end within Reach, though.

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Thanks for response. It’s clear now.