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Movement and Reach

We played the first time and in the combat with zones and reach there was a constant “problem”.

The playercharacters are in one zone. My NPCs were in the adjacent zone. So if the players where moving into the zone with the NPCs they can not attack them with melee. Because there were not in “Reach”. Only one movement action is allowed.
And if I would move my NPCs into the zone with the PCs, they can not attack with melee as well. So who ever is moving first is “loosing” if they have no ranged weapon.
So one of my players were an Archer and always moved out of the way from my Minions, even if I use Doom to interrupt, the player would always out of Reach from my Melee attack.

Can someone explain to me how REACH and MOVEMENT works to get a Melee attack in one turn?


No, at the end of a movement action moving into Reach of an opponent is always an option.
Conan core rules, p109/110:

The state of Reach is when an object or character is within arm’s length of the character.
Characters enter Reach to interact with objects manually, to attack in close combat, and to perform any other actions where they may need to touch the target or subject of their action.
Reach isn’t a specific range, but rather is something that the player can declare when the character is moving. That is, when a character moves into or within a zone, the player may freely declare that the character is moving into or out of Reach of a particular object or character.
Moving out of Reach of an enemy may be risky, as it leaves a character open to attack unless they take the Withdraw action.

In the list of available Actions, only the Adjust Stance action explicitly states that you can move into Reach while moving as a Free Action in the same zone.
But, and this was clarified a while ago on the Google+ Conan group, the paragraph quoted above applies to ALL movement actions.

You might want to sprint two zones, taking your full Standard Action, to get into Reach of an NPC to prevent him from simply running away, because you now might be able to perform a Retaliate Reaction if he leaves without performing the Withdraw Standard Action.
So being able to end a movement action within Reach is quite essential for the Conan combat system to function.

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