Announcing "Endless Seas", a Pirate/Swashbuckling Setting

Hi there!

I just uploaded a Quickstart on “Endless Seas”, a pirate/swashbucklers-themed setting (not an affiliate link, btw!) in a world with elements of classy Pirate / Swashbucklers stories (think Treasure Island or The Three Musketeers) infused with mystic elements like monsters of the seas and spiritual magic (not included in the quickstart).

If you’re interested in a setting/project like this or maybe even played the adventure, please let me know. I’ll answer on feedback, here.

I plan to release setting background information and (hopefully) a full-fledged book. Yet, do not expect this to happen soon, as this is a hobby project I do in my (limited) free time. Feedback here (or via mail) could of course bolster my motivation to proceed with the project. :wink:

The quickstart includes elemental rules and a quick adventure. It’s set to suggest a cost of 1€ (~1$) and all income will be spent on artwork and the like.


I love pirate setting. I’m on modiphius discord if you want to join me

Bought this because I had been thinking about a naval type setting (probably more Regency, like the old Privateers & Gentlemen game than Golden Age of pirates). No ship rules obviously. One query I had was about social skills (probably more of an issue in my setting, but even pirates and swashbucklers may need to be charming) currently there is “Command” which might not cover all social situations - I guess you could use say Know with Presence to know how to behave in a social situation?

Very cool! I’ll try to squeeze in the demo adventure, maybe as a holodeck adventure for my STA group.

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Not yet. I will eventually write up rules for ships and naval combat, yet I am not finished with some central design decisions.

Not sure whether those should end up in the quickstart as this is of course another layer of complexity. :thinking:

Yes, of course Pirates need to be charming sometimes and at least the recent Swashbuckling cultural codes definetly include some romance. :wink:

I chose a rather narrative approach to skills as games like Star Trek Adventures or Dune: Adventures in the Imperium do. So on everything regarding skills I have three points as advice:

  1. Use the Attribute/Skill combination that best suits the Test. ‘Presence + Know’ for theoretical knowledge on social codes is an excellent example. A Character succeeding at a Presence + Know Test on social codes among a ship’s crew could e.g. know that the ship’s Captain would address crew members with ‘Mr./Ms.’ despite they might carry a formal naval rank.

  2. Do use focusses! While ‘Presence + Command’ is most likely the go-to-combination for many social interactions, focusses like ‘Intimidation’, ‘Diplomacy’, or ‘Courtoisie’ will make the difference.

  3. Maybe even use Traits! In social interactions, some codes are so sublime that we do not even conciously use them. These ‘fine differences’ could even be reflected by Traits: sometimes you really need to be ‘nobleborn’ to be accepted by the really suspicious. :slight_smile:

On that note: You have just given me inspiration for a really nice Talent, thank you! :+1:

A question: Will Voodoo magic be a thing ? or perhaps Faith ? or Reason?

I don’t know whether it will be called “Voodoo”, but, yes, there will be magic and it will be more mystic and revolving around curses etc. than a “high fantasy, high power” throwing of lightnings and fireballs. I imagine spells that work more subtle than that: change the winds and/or weather for a scene, alter currents, navigate in thick fog in a cloudy night, maybe change attributes/skills of allys in their favour or those of adversaries to their detriment.

Also, magic will be strongly connected to nature. I have to decide yet whether it will involve spirits or “elements” – but there will be no “wizard” learning “spells” out of a magic book or stuff like that. I envisage more oral traditions.

What could be a thing, though, is alchemism.

Regarding Faith: There will be faith and there will be some kind of church (and of course there definetly will be a Cardinal called Richelieu! :wink: ), but I have yet to decide yet whether priests would actually perform magic or would simply have outstanding social (and mental) skills.

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