Animal handling - Faithful Companions talent


I am a bit puzzled about this talent, I would like to ask for clarification.

1, With this skill, the player can tame undomesticated, wild animals (Like lynx, mountain lion, bear, etc), and use them as companions. In case of domesticated animals, they act as minions.

2, For domesticated companion, you can give commands, with the animal handling roll as a standard action, and they will do, what you want. Or is it doable, as a minor action?
Out of combat, you can teach them, including tricks, and roll for thoose either in combat (taught combat manuveur), or outside of combat (doing a trick).

3, For undomesticated wild animals, you can make an animal handling roll, as a standard action, and they will do, what they want, under the control of the game master. Also, can not be taught tricks or commands, as for tamed animals. Or can they be commanded only by a “reward” resource?

Did I interpret the rules correctly?

With the Faithful companions talent:

  1. yes you can tame undomesticated, wild animals with this talent
  2. Yes, out of combat you can absolutely teach them different tricks. Giving commands can be done as a minor action.
  3. As far as undomesticated animals you can teach them the same things you can a domesticated one (the one you add as a faithful companion is considered domesticated by the character)
  4. There are additional rules and guidelines for animal handling in the Horrors book.

Thank you for the clarification!

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