Beast masters and 3 pets at char gen

So i have a Beast master pc with faithful companions 1 with a dog, horse, and eagle (crow? stats). All are trained (given). All animals have basic attacks (bite, claw, kick).

In Combat:
Mainly the dog and eagle are combatants, but one flies and one doesn’t. As they are not the same type of creature, I do not think that they can be a mob/squad.
As one is faithful, pc and it should get some benefits i feel, but the player always sends the dog/eagle away to another zone.

Turn Mgmt
I assume goading a faithful companion into action is a free action with no test, but the non-faithful takes a minor action and skill test to command (it’s hard to fail with 11 Personality and 5 Animal Handling).

How many ‘actions’ does a faithful companion receive, and what is the action detriment of the PC, if any?

How are reactions handled for pets? I know each level of the faitful companion talent adds a d20 for player reactions, but what about the actual companions?

My concern is i don’t want the beast master player’s turn to become 3 turns, taking away from player zed who shoots a bow and is done for the round.
Also, i want to understand the RAW and go from there.

Faithful companions behave as any creature of their type would during combat unless given commands. I allow players to control their actions and they are given actions the same way everyone else is. One thing you can do for a beast master with a ton of pets is to rule that their pats act as a mob instead of individually (this is actually a standard way to do this and the beast master has a way to build that will help make this very beneficial).