Alternate Archetype Equipment


Newbie GM here. I have a player who wants to use the Witch Archetype from the Core book, but they do not want the horse/donkey given as starting equipment. It’s true that their backstory would make it hard for them to explain why they have any type of beast. What can I do to offer them an alternative (other than a pile of gold)? Thanks!

So, what actually IS their backstory. That should make it easier to make a suggestion how to replace the beast of burden.

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Lyrrah is a Cimmerian barbarian who’s grew-up leaning a shamanic tradition of healing and herbalism. Her family was scattered after a slaver attack and she was captured. She escaped near the Aquilonian boarders when the slavers themselves were beaten in an attack by the other player characters.

As part of her character, Lyrrah is actually a bit equinophobic as well.

How is her Animal Handling skill?
Maybe a trained and trusted hunting dog might work.
Or even go for the Beast Master development and give her an actual wolf, or a raven or a bunch of small animals as “spirit animals” instead of a beast of burden.

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I like that idea!

Alas, her Animal Handling Exp and Foc are at 1 but I think if I made that offer, she’d happily re-arrange it a bit to go for that! Thanks!