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Alien- Hope’s last day

Hi there,

I dunno where to post since there is no Alien forum … for now ^^

For those ready to run the scenario included in the Alien’s core Rulebook, I’m having a problem. On page 370 « The situation », it says: « Some colonists tried to flee, but they were quickly captured by the Xenomorphs, and taken to Processor 1 to start the hive proper.»
I can’t see any processor on the map. Can you ? Are they off-map ?


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Based on the way Hadley’s Hope is depicted in Aliens, there’s a fair distance between the colony and the atmosphere processor, so I’d assume that the processor is off the map.

Still, this isn’t a post in an official capacity - I’m just another fan in this context. Free League have a board for the Alien RPG on their own forums, as it’s their game.

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It’s off map indeed, a tunnel goes there in the sub-level but it still a few km away.