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Alien using 2d20? Stress?

So i have been planning on running the Free league Alien game, but I am always keen to prt things to 2d20 since it’s my favorite game. Especially with the release of Dishonored, where I really like the Style+Skill concept.

The thing is one of the coolest aspects of the Alien game is Stress and the way Stress Dice work.

So here’s my question, how would you port Stress Dice over to 2d20?

My initial thought is an extra d20 whose Complication range increases as more Stress is accumulated. Anyone else have any ideas?

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I agree that a complication range would work best for porting panic to 2d20, though I can’t imagine it would be nearly as fun. The Year Zero engine is one of those remarkable systems that manages to be both gritty, dynamic with (dice pushing, gear wearing, health tracked within the dice pool, etc) and effortlessly simple when it comes to dice resolution and the actual cognitive load of resolving success.