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20th century vehicles

How are 20th century style vehicles be scaled and given statistics? Additionally how would 24th century vehicles be scaled and given statistics?

This may be a dumb question but since you said vehicles rather than aircraft, I presume that you are asking about cars, trucks, etc. Is this true or are you asking more about atmospheric vehicles such as planes, helicopters, and/or space vehicles such as the Space Shuttle? The proper context would be helpful at least for me. :wink:


Other than a few exceptions (something like a tank maybe) I don’t think I would give them stats. I’d probably just treat them as an advantage in the same way a tricorder is treated.

Starships are slightly different because of the level of system based assistance and their overall importance to the show.


I’d concur with Matt, adding that I would give them some sort of scale and breaches with appropriate systems, IF you’re going to be using them in action type scenes. Chance of handling, acceleration and structure failing, each of which would make the vehicle no longer usable, but the destroyed “system” would help define how the characters have to respond to avoid injury to themselves.

If you’re not using them in an action scene, no insane high speed chases or gun fights or what have you, then they don’t really need stats, per se.

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