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X Card, lines, and veils

I’m curious what everyone’s thoughts are about the use of the “Safety Tools” with gaming. Golden Lasso Games puts it forth pretty clearly here: Safety Tools – Golden Lasso Games if you’re unfamiliar. I bring this up, because of the currently accepted “standard” of the “X” card, lines, and veils, and the “ideology” that the “improvisational nature of exposes players to the risk of discomfort and emotional distress”. I’ve been playing and running TTRPGs since the early 80s…started playing when I was 8 in 1981.

I’ve lost track of the number of times as a player, circumstances arose in game that caused me to be disconcerted or struck a painful emotional chord with me. Each time it has happened, I step away for a moment, usually under the guise of going to the restroom, to collect myself before returning to the table and continue playing. I never took it personally, nor felt that anyone else was responsible for how I reacted or that I got triggered by something in the game. When I’ve run, I’ve seen the tell tale signs of players who would experience a reaction from something occurring in the game in which they would do as I. Whether it was me having the reaction or one of my players, it was never circumstance that came about for the deliberate intent of causing distress, it just happened.

I’ve always run with the idea of “Don’t be a d i c k.”, read the room to keep the game fun, and follow the story where my player’s lead. This is the extent of what I do in regards to ttRPG safety tools. Anymore than that, at least to my perspective, goes beyond being sensitive to freeing others from being personally responsible for their own responses. A perspective I find many the same age as myself agree with, while those younger, seem to take offense at my view.

I’m curious, where do you stand in regards to ttRPG “Safety Tools”?