Weapons Escalations

Hi all. When you have NPCs Escalate on Weapons, do you normally pay for each NPC for each attack, or just when the start attacking. Same thing for PCs?

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Escalation is a cost that you pay at the start of the scene to equip all pcs, or npcs of the same type with those weapons

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So, its not the use, but the equiping that triggers the cost? Also, if 2 PCs equip with an escalated weapon, do they pay for each?

Correct. I believe it is only paid once for each instance of the same item. So if 3 pcs all take a phaser rifle you pay that cost once, but if your 4th pc takes a batleth, that is an additional cost.

This is handled on page 184/185 of the crb

Ok, additional question. Lets say a character has a type 2 Phaser. It, in its self has no escalation cost. Normally its set for Stun, alligning with the Starfleet belief in violence being the last resort. But in the midst of combat, they decide tbe situation calls for use of deadly force and they set the Phaser to Kill. Is that considered an escalation?

Or, do you handle that as having to explain later why you had to go against a directive like ‘always Stun if possible’. Also, I guess it would effect rolls for Reputation later on.

Making a lethal attack adds to Threat.

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As Jim says, any lethal attack adds to threat as part of a different mechanic.

Escalation is a specific mechanic relating to equipment and spends setting up a scene. It doesn’t go beyond that, but there are many other rules for different elements of the game

So with every lethat attack, or just when yhe PCs start making the Lethal attacks. Also, does that go for Adversary NPCs to?

For rules on lethal attacks by PCs, see p. 174 of the Core Rulebook (“Making An Attack”, 3rd point).
For rules on lethal attacks by NPCs, additionally see p. 88 of the Core Rulebook (“Non-Player Character Threat Spends”).