Tactical roles of security

I am wondering the tactical role “heavy weapon specialist” the character reduces the escalation cost of all weapons by 1 .to a minimum of 1
Is this only for the character or for the whole group

I believe it is for the entire group. It says all weapons… Not all weapons chosen by the character.

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Isn’t that actually a non-issue? Even if it were just for the heavy weapons specialist character, then simply let that character equip all escalation weapons and distribute them later among the other characters :stuck_out_tongue:


This is a non-issue. Per pg 185 Escalation costs are paid once regardless of the number of items of the same type.


When a character obtains an item, they obtain one copy of that item. If they wish to obtain additional copies, they must pay the Opportunity Cost for each copy of that item individually.

Escalation Costs are not increased in this manner. A single Escalation Cost is paid regardless of how many of a specific item is obtained, but if a character wishes to obtain multiple different items, they must pay the Escalation Cost for each of those different items, where applicable.

The OP is curious if it lowers the escalation cost for items that only that specific character brings, or if it affects the escalation cost of all player obtained items.

Example: The Heavy Weapon Specialist decides to bring a Phaser rifle, with this role, the escalation cost is 1. The Engineer decides to bring one as well, paying the Opportunity cost.

If viewed as only the player with the role, the Engineer would still have to pay the Escalation cost of 2 for the Phaser Rifle. If viewed as affecting all characters, then it would mean that those items…

Edit: Ok, during my attempt to write up an explanation and everything, it just proves that benefit of the role is pointless if it does not apply to all weapons for all characters. The only ones it really affects are the Phaser Rifle and Pulse grenade in the core book. Those are the only 2 weapons with an escalation cost greater than 1.

Which I answered. If they are only paid once regardless of the quantity then they affect the group.

No. They are paid once. Opportunity costs are paid per copy of that item.

In your example you are getting 2 rifles. You pay the Opportunity cost twice, so 2 Momentum, but the Escalation cost is only paid once. Normally 2 Threat, but because of the Talent Role it is reduced to 1 Threat.

You are correct though that it is a largely wasted talent. Role ability.

Escalation costs apply to the whole party, not to each character. If the party equips six phaser rifles, the escalation cost to pay is still just 2 for the whole group.

You are correct though that it is a largely wasted talent.

It is not actually a Talent, it is a role you have in a squad and the role does not cost you anything.

My bad. Too early and hadn’t had my coffee.