Voyager Player Characters

I’ve recently purchased the Voyager player characters. Nice addition of hologram and liberated borg species.

Kes’ psychic weapon can choose from Area, Intense, Knockdown, Piercing 2, or Vicious 2. The list is the same as for the phaser, except Kes gets Vicious 2 instead of Vicious 1. Vicious 1 seems to be on the same power level as the other Effects when comparing them to existing weapons. So is that a typo or intended? Vicious 2 is really strong though.

Modiphius Nathan should be able to answer this

Nathan scrubbed the stats before it went into publication, so I believe it’s accurate as presented. Reflecting Kes’s unique off-the-charts power potential.

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OK then, thanks for the responses. I will change it to Vicious 1, a player character of mine may get this ability, depending on the outcome of the next adventure.