Threaten and Steely Glare.... the same?

Look like identical mental attacks to me. What am i missing?

Steely Glare is the default Display. It says it in the description.

Yes I see that, but how does it differ from Threaten?

I believe they are the same thing.

“Threaten” is the type of the attack. The three types are:

  • Melee
  • Ranged
  • Threaten

And just like a longsword is a weapon for a Melee attack, Steely Glare is a “weapon” (i.e. a Display) for a Threaten attack.


Thanks, that helps

For all intents and purposes, Steely Glare is the “unarmed attack” of Threaten attacks - it represents a character’s basic innate ability to intimidate, cajole, provoke, and menace others. Other Displays are different “weapons” for that purpose, granting better damage, additional qualities, etc, but with requirements that must be met to use them.

Threaten is listed next to an unarmed melee attack, not Steely Glare. Its description comes complete with damage and effects. They happen to be identical to Steely Glare by the way. Just seems odd. It would be like an unarmed attack being exactly the same as one with a dagger. I suppose you can describe Threaten and Steely Glare differently but for all purposes they are identical as far as I can see.

Are we talking Page 124-125?

I think it’s just worded badly, suggesting displays are another class of threaten attack. It should really say threaten is a basic attack, and the lowest level of the displays, which are shown in the next section.

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Yeah, I think the “Basic Attack” on 124 should read “Unarmed/Improvised Strike” and “Steely Glare”. It’s the only way it makes sense.

I agree, not a huge matter but a little confusing