The Keyhole of Eternity - Advice Needed - Spoiler Talk

Spoiler talk for TKoE: We are twelve sessions into TKoE and we’ve all thoroughly enjoyed all of the sciencey and roleplaying opportunities and sorting out Foundry as our roleplaying space. This question is aimed at DMs who have run this or Jim if he sees this. We are fast approaching the end. Act 2, Scene 1, Encounter: Mind Stretching Time. I can work out the Group Challenge mechanics but I am having a hard time coming up with my narration to start this and continue through it. I know the Protagonist helps but I can’t picture what this encounter looks like from a narrative point of view.


Read pages 40-43 closely, as well as the sidebar on page 20. Based on what your group has accomplished up to this point, and based on how the last act worked out (as written, some alternate take?), your path should be in front of you.

[spoiler]Tchu is offering to help the PCs expand their minds and tap into the tetryonic eddies to warp time and space to attempt to undo the damage done and the damage to come. The adversaries might help or hinder this effort.

Each PC or group of PCs might have scenes to contribute, and you could play through the same scene more than once with different PCs and different groups of PCs to illustrate different perspectives.[/spoiler]

Hope this helps. Have fun!