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The Black Madonna online campaign

I’d like to run the Black Madonna campaign online via Microsoft Teams, anyone interested? I live in the UK and normally start around 19:00 GMT.


I would really like to play this! I bought the core game book a while ago and could never find anyone that wanted to play it. The only thing is that I am in Arizona, which I believe is GMT -07:00, so I could probably only play on the weekends with you.


I can do weekends and I’m sure we can workout a suitable time.

I have another player from the East Coast whose interested so I’m sure we can work out a suitable time.

Awesome! This should be fun!

If you have any friends who might be interested please let me know.

R u on discord my tag is “wazza#4282”.

Hi, I do have Discord. I tried adding you and couldn’t find the tag you provided, but I searched around and maybe you meant wazza#4252. I sent a friend request to that tag. If not, you can try and find me at Reaver#7001.

Sorry, that’s my tag! Reading the rule as we speak!

Still looking for players?


Hi Ryan,
There’s a space in my KULT game if you’re still interested my discord tag is: wazza#4252.