Take VTTs more seriously

You might want to try Astral VTT. It has more than you need, but less than others want.

Though Astral Tabletop has stopped all development and is effectively dying.

Thanks for all the options.

I mean, that is your understanding of it as someone who doesn’t use VTT?

May I point you towards owlbear rodeo which is a free VTT that is intentionally super simple.

But for folks who know how to take advantage of the other elements they aren’t necessarily pointless.

As for anti gamist stuff, there are plenty of people who would say that your requirement of there being map tools is anti gamist… heck play by post folks may even say that voice chat is unrequired and text is all that is needed -laughs-

If you don’t have a horse in the race, probably better to not join a conversation regarding VTTs.

Confused as to how anyone would not have a horse in the race as far as VTTs are concerned.

There are multiple brands/versions of VTTs out there and even combined they only represent a micro-fraction of the already niche RPG market. So any conversation dealing with funneling resources toward it is relevant to everyone.

Resources that can be used on the traditional table or VTTs would be welcome to all, but a VTT only resource is not good for all. Detailed maps, diagrams and such are great. But asking a small company to use time and funds to put together a package for VTT X just means that awaited RPG supplement Y will be delayed or canceled.

So, a non-VTT gamer does have a “horse in the race”.