Stelth and sneaking

I whas just wondering how a stelth attack works. I understand that the player or npc needs to win a struggle to succed a stelth attack, but what benefits do the winner of the struggle get?

Is the attackt roll easyer or do the stealthy attacker get more damge dice? And can the npc or player block the succede stelth attack?

The rules on p.108 state that you receive reduced difficulty on the Exploit action (p.115) and you can act immediately (especially cruel if the NPCs manage to surprise you).

Why it is beneficial for the PCs? The difficulty gets 0 and is automatic success, plus if they want PCs can roll for extra effects (but risk complications).

Also, difficulty 0 on an Exploit action means it is a free action instead of a standard action.

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Nice to know !

So if some one succeds whit a sneak attack it means that they can make one free standard action and then make on more standard action after that?

Where does it say a Difficulty 0 Exploit makes it a free action? There is nothing in the Exploit action description that says that.

Last sentence in the Exploit action description (Corebook p. 116):

In situations where the skill test’s Difficulty is Simple (D0), Exploit may be used as a Free Action.

Thanks. I read Exploit a few times and for some reason missed that. :grinning:

Yes. The exploit action is free. Then they can follow with another… and another if they can pay for it as part of the standard momentum spend for second standard action (2 momentum if I recall).

For the Exploit action you can use momentum to add 1d20 and 1 combat die per point. Since 3d20 is max extra dice does the spend max at 3 or can you spend 4 momemntum and get 3d20 and 4 combat dice?

Ah ok I see! Thanks!

I can’t recall anything about a limit for combat dice so I suppose you can spend more then 3 momentum to receive more then 3 combat dice.