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Exploit and Reactions

Sorry if this has been asked and answered elsewhen/where, but I was unable to track anything down on this particular use of Exploit:

Say you’ve taken an Exploit Standard Action, and gained two Momentum which you intend to use on your attack next turn. In the interim, the target you’ve Exploited attacks you and you invoke your Riposte to make a counter-attack. Does the Exploit bonus (Piercing 2, etc.) affect the counter-attack, or only the Standard Action attack you’d be making on the next turn?

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The Exploit Action is stated as:

If this succeeds, the character’s first attack before the end of the next turn gains the Piercing 2 Quality.

As the Riposte attack is the “first attack before the end of the next turn”, I would say it gains the Piercing 2 Quality and if you spend Momentum on this attack, you get the bonus d20s and bonus damage dice as usual for the Exploit Action.

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