Star map generators

Has anyone used a good star map generator? I was thinking of searching for a Star Trek map from Astrosynthesis, but what I’m interested in finding is for deeper space exploration that isn’t necessarily going to collide with the timeline of the shows. My second option would be an area within the maps provided from the books that is barely explored. A 3D or even pseudo-3D map would be great, because it would be easier to find unexplored space within the canon.

I guess it depends on what you mean. Do you want pre-generated star systems, or just a blank area?

We have designed a region of space at Continuing Mission called the Sargon Region and the Space Beyond, if you are looking for a new region to explore. It would be by default to the Galactic North, past the First Federation.

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That is fantastic! I searched everywhere and all I could find similar to what I was looking for is this video…
Unfortunately there is no link to the 3D map shown in the video.

Have you looked at Astrosynthesis? It is a sector generator for RPGs. On the community page is a star map for the first 100ly from earth I think.

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Not so much star maps, I tend to try and keep to official Star Trek maps, for unknown systems however, I quite like donjon’s generator. He has one for planets as well, so you can fill out the important planets in a system a little more. - Star System Generator - World Generator

The world generator is particularly good for giving random scientific info to help fill out scans etc.


I use both of those. Problem I have with Astrosynthesis is it doesn’t have a shareable Star Trek map to start from and I do not know how I would connect new generated sector maps to said map if it did exist.

I’m planning on using sector maps created using an old Traveller game aid it creates planets in parsec wide hexes and then you generate and edit entire systems.

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I used to have Heaven & earth, but bought Astrosynthesis a few years ago. It maps in 3D and geerates a huge amount of useful data. You can customise your worlds to make Traveller 3D.

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