STA Resource Wiki - Update and invite to contribute

Hi all,

Due to an increasing amount of demands on my time, I am unable to maintain the Resource Wiki and keep it up to date.

I originally created the Wiki in the hope of keeping the homebrew scene in the forefront of peoples minds and to provide a centralised platform for the works of one off and serial creators alike to be collated. I have been unable to personally maintain that standard.

As such I have reduced the posting restriction from authorised only to FANDOM registered users (I am concerned about joe public Anonymous users/bots making random changes). I believe I have configured the Wiki correctly so please let me know if you are having any issues posting.

I have only 3 real rules:

  1. Credit the creator. Either real names or internet aliases, make sure that those peoples that create these wonderful works for us are credited.
  2. Where possible link to the article/web page that hosts the content. Linking directly to a pdf or other document bypasses whatever narrative that may accompany the work. (e.g. Continuing Mission)
  3. Don’t be a ■■■■. This is an extension of rules 1 and 2, but don’t go messing with other people’s legitimate contributions. You may not personally like a contribution but that doesn’t give you or anyone the right to remove them.

I hope this will bring more and more useful resources from areas that I missed to the fore, and to maybe inspire others to create their own content to share with the community.



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Nice of you to do Stephen. Hopefully everyone will follow rule 3. :smiley: