SRD - Truths and Traits

Truths and traits, are they the same thing?

As I understand it it’s two separate things although you can certainly say that Truths are considered Traits.

I’m now convinced they’re the same and Modiphius has changed the naming convention.
For example, the SRD has:
Traits can:
● Make an activity easier (-1 Difficulty on a Skill Test)

Whilst 2d20 A!C has:
The truth makes an action easier, reducing the difficulty
of the skill test by 1.

I can provide any number of similar instances, even in the SRD on its own.

It’s the same mechanic under different names. The mechanic has been used under both names (Traits in Star Trek Adventures and Dune, Truths in Achtung! Cthulhu and Dishonored). The intent was to switch to Truths as the overall term, but we reverted to Traits for Dune to avoid conflict with the character’s “Truth” drive.

It’s far from the only mechanic which adopts different names depending on the specific game - Threat was Dark Symmetry Points in Mutant Chronicles, Doom in Conan, Heat in Infinity, and Chaos in Dishonored, for example.


Thanks for clarifying.