Squads and mass battle

I have some problem. How big are squads or mobs during mass battle? I want to make a battle during session and if i use rules from core book, i need about 10-20 squads on each side(maybe more). That made mass battle rules little useless.

I think one of the upcoming books is supposed to detail how to do this effectively within the system. I want to say Conan the King but I’m not 100%. Regardless, I usually reduce the sides of a large battle to a handful of die rolls for each side and then narratively tell the group what happens. I only actually roll for the squad/mobs that the party is directly involved with. It helps simplify things a little and keeps the players from having to sit around while I roll out 20 attacks.

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Currently Mercenary has rules for skirmish type battles. Ie guys with Command Focus of 2 can lead 3 squads into battle. So with a few capable commanders you could probably make these work.

Massive battle rules are, as Rouroni states, forthcoming as far as I know. And I suspect King will be a book to look into for them.

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Me and my group played big battles (rule from the mercenary book) and it was really ■■■■■■■ fun. This battle sheet can be good to have :slight_smile: !CONAN BATTLES 2-output.pdf (272.3 KB)

The Battles chapter of Conan the Mercenary takes the rules you are already familiar with and abstracts things a bit while still allowing your player characters to provide their own mark on the overall battle. Instead of a squad or mob consisting of up to 5 individuals, you have companies consisting of up to 5 squads (25 people). Instead of a leader in charge of a squad, you have a Vanguard that leads the company. If the players don’t have some focus in Command or Warfare, they may not be the best candidates to lead others into battle, but can still join in and, as hero’s, perform heroic actions that influence the outcome of the battle.

It’s not overly complicated (the whole Battles section is 5 pages long) but as Sonny said, it provides a fun way to narrate and play out a sizable combat. You should probably sit down and run a combat on paper so you get a good feel for way each action plays out (Withdraw, Fortify, Attack). The better you understand the rules the more companies you can include in the battle as you reduce the number of times you have to look at the rules each turn. The Battles PDF Sonny made also helps present the information you need quickly.