Mass Combat Rules?

Hi All - I will admit I have not read both 2d20 Guides word-for-word cover-to-cover (yet), but I’ve skimmed through looking for mass combat rules, and I haven’t found anything. Given the WWII setting, I’m thinking I should have some kind of easy-to-use rules for the times I expect player characters will be participating in battles that are too large scale to resolve by rolling every individual action. Even, say, squad or platoon level battles (as few as 20-50 men on a side) would be far beyond practical resolution with the rules as given.

First, did I just outright miss mass combat rules in the books somewhere?

I know I could just narrate whatever battle results I want, but I’d love to see some kind of objective quantitative resolution for when it matters which way a battle goes, and whether or not the PCs can impact it.

I’m picturing something like a way to derive mass-level “attributes” for each side based on quantity and quality of troops, eqiupment, etc. For example, each side would have things have a “fighting” value, a “morale” value, some kind of “leadership” value, and a number of “injuries” it can take before being eliminated or routed. Then a way to make just one or a couple rolls for each side to determine how the battle progresses. Meanwhile, the PCs could be resolving their own individual rolls for specific attacks they’re making, and/or those Tactics/leadership skills would really come to the fore (somehow.) But if, for example, the PCs’ side takes a big hit, it could really affect their plans and they’d have to react, which I like.

I’ve looked around and other systems do have rules like these, but I haven’t been able to find anything that I could easily port over. Any recommendations on where to look for details? Or has anyone already done this? Or do I need to think about defining something for myself?

There isn’t actually any Mass Combat rules - the nearest are the Squad Tactics rules on pg 151. I think that the idea is to treat massed combat ‘Cinematically’ except where it directly affects the Player Characters.

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A!C’s topic is supernatural special agents doing clandestine missions against supernatural threats - the WWII is only the background, the “setting dressing”, but running actual military operations - especially “open ended” ones in a setting where the historical outcome must not be changed - is not the scope of this RPG.
There are a few WWII RPGs around that actually put this kind of more military conflict resolution in the focus, some even with a bit supernatural added, but those are usually much more gritty and quite a bit more deadly for PCs than A!C.
A!C is like Indiana Jones, pulp-action for very competent characters against the backdrop of WWII. I do not miss any kind of subsystem to resolve military operations, as they are not what the actual threat is about in A!C.


Conan 2d20 does have some small unit skirmish rules in the Mercenaries source book, and some more abstract warfare rules in the King source book.

Or take a look at Chapter 10 in the Infinity GM’s Guide “Large Scale Warfare”, as this covers modern equipment, vehicles, advanced units etc.
Maybe that is a good starting point to develop something for your A!C game?

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The A!C CoC books had light mass combat rules (GM book?), pretty easy to convert to any system.