Spread and Momentum Spend Penetration

This sounds to me, that there is the time of an one-to-one meeting!?
Maybe you should tell him, that you think, he should GM for the next game.

He’s the current GM of the Ravenloft campaign we are running through. He’s known that I want to play/run Star Trek for the last year as we have been playing Ravenloft. If he says he wants to run something else after 2 to 3 sessions of us playing Star Trek, I’m going to tell him he can wait his turn unless it’s a unanimous decision to switch to a new game. (And if it is just two sessions into my planned game, he can take a long walk off a short pier and then swim back for the next session of Star Trek.)

If it’s a case of getting bored quickly, could you not alternate weeks? This also gives you more planning time between sessions and (in my opinion) would increase the likelihood of a longer running campaign.

If it’s more a case of not wanting to share the spotlight, then hopefully you can have some luck with a group conversation. Either way, I hope go get a good trek run!

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I’m not sure which it is, honestly, but I know the other guys don’t want to keep switching back and forth between games, because sometimes they can’t always make it and they would like to focus on one game at a time.

We still have time before the Star Trek game hits off, which is a good thing, because I have noticed that I may need to do a bit of a redesign of the character sheets, both the player and ship sheets. There’s not enough room for talents and short descriptions, and on the ship sheet, not enough space for weapons for all ships. (Key point, Defiant class. 3 weapon slots on the sheet, Defiant class with Quantum Torpedoes has 4 weapons systems.) Thinking about adding a specific little ‘bubble’ for the Tractor Beam power level instead of using one of the weapon slots for it. (Similar to the Scale section on base sheet.)

I like the design of the sheets for the game, I just feel like a few things need to be adjusted.

I’ll take this opportunity to plug my own sheets (though I purposefully omitted pulling through descriptions of talents in these as I didn’t want to run afoul of oversharing, this does not seem to be an issue and I’ve been wanting to redo them so further iterations may be completely redone.)

They, and others, can be found on the Resource Wiki HERE and HERE

Yes, I saw your sheets… and looked at them. I like the basic design and look of the ones provided in the books. (LCars look.) The closest ones are the ones provided by Tabletop Review, and even those (in my opinion) still need a little bit of adjustment.

Ouch. To each their own. :smile:

If you do make your own versions make sure to share them. Choice never hurt anyone.

LOL Yeah, sorry about that. You did a good job with them and probably a better job than I could do on the overall sheet, I just want a more colorful overall sheet for the players to be able to fill in. For my GM cheat sheet, I will probably use something like what you put together.

All I am really planning to do is basically adjust the sizes and reposition a few things so that there is room for an easy talent description and weapons. (Why not have room for all three Phaser types as well as Unarmed strike, and maybe a melee weapon or also the Nerve Pinch?) There’s a lot of empty space on the ship sheet that can accommodate an adjustment to improve the number of weapon slots shown and a longer talent list.

No problem. I made them for myself first, and shared with the community second.

Going back to your earlier point, IMO if this Player/GM is rude enough to walk away from your games and take everyone with them there are 2 very frank questions you must ask yourself and answer honestly.

  1. Why are they leaving?
  2. Do you want to play with people like that?

To answer 1: Possibly my weak GMing skills and flat story.
2: At the moment, it is either play with them, or don’t play at all.

But, we shall see how it goes with STA.

Tbh 1. Is a viscous circle how can you get better if people don’t give you room to grow. And I was stuck in 2. With an overbearing GM for about 10 years so I feel for you.

I knew it isn’t the same, but ever thought of online rolegaming platforms?

@StephenBirks, Yes, it is a viscous circle, especially if they won’t really give you any constructive feedback. I have fun (for the most part) in the games, it’s just a few small problems that I have to deal with occasionally.

@Michael_Romanov, I’ve done diceless freeform RP (basically storytelling) for years, and I’ve tried the play by email/post method before. Those seem to lose steam and go dead more often than not, especially if you are waiting for one player to respond and they never do.

As for things like Roll20, I’ve searched, but haven’t really found anything that fits or is currently playing.

Sorry, what I truly wanted to say:
You could use these platforms also to find new players in your region.
Or maybe we should ask Modiphius for a further forum/subforum: meeting new players?

Ha ha. It’s fine, man… If we really wanted, we could simply start a new topic labeled ‘New Players Wanted.’ or something like that. It’s not a big deal. As I said, I still have fun for the most part with my gaming group, I just need to try keeping an open mind during my Star Trek Game and aim more for letting them have fun in the universe without completely derailing the ideals of Starfleet… (I may try to run a different game at some point of them being Raiders, Maquis, Romulan Military, Klingons, list goes on of possibilities…)

Not sure your availability but we’re running a story/RP heavy campaign on roll20 and taking expressions of interests to maybe join when the story allows it.


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I’ll give it a look, and see what happens.