Ship's Counselor PCs: does anyone ever play them?

Not in Modiphius-Trek but in LUG-Trek I played a counselor who was a Jesuit, and a black belt in Akido.

Jesuits take no vows prohibiting violence, and historically were often military as well as spiritual advisors to rulers and the powerful.

Worf and Martok both admired Garrick for overcoming his inner demon of claustrophobia.


There’s no reason for that to be the case.

First, Starfleet clearly has no prohibition against medical personnel as combatants…. Phaser-rifle toting Dr Bashir is Exhibit #1.

Second, psychiatry falls under Medical…. Making a skilled counselor a reasonable field medic as well.

Third, while they’re accompanying the Command crew to negotiations etc., anyway, some could also think of taking some training in Security, to be some kind of surprise-bodyguards. :slight_smile:

Oh my! A Jesuit! What a delightful idea!

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I have a counselor in our campaign, Andorian with an Ushaan hanging by her side. So she is not afraid to mix it up if need be. She is also looking to take the bridge officers test as well. We are in the Gamma Quadrant and deals with a lot of distance issues as well as our Bajoran XO who has had a vision of finding additional orbs.

We have a Ferengi Counselor in one of our campaigns. The woman that plays her has a delightful sense of humor about it and does an amzing job with the character. For example, on our latest mission the shuttle pilot blew three control rolls to land the runabout. Enokia (Ferengi Counselor) “screamed” all the way down. Her rendition of the scream brought the game room at our local FLGS to a stop. It was hilarious!


My players think only spies want to be ship’s counselors. Has nothing to do with a PC Romulan spy filling the role (among other duties) and using the position to gather a ridiculous amount of intelligence on Starfleet personnel.

Yes - during the playtest one of my players opted for the ship’s counselor.

For April Fool’s a few years back, K’rect son of D’Fect, a klingon in starfleet as a ship’s counselor. Someone messaged me that they played him.

One of these days, I need to write up D’Fect, Engineer…


You may want to watch both Shield of Tomorrow with Geeks & Sundry and Clear Skies with Queuetimes as both have counselor pcs.
Xander played one in Shield of Tomorrow as a guest player and Gina played one in Clear Skies as 1st officer/Counselor. Gina’s had more appearances and examples of being a pc counselor.

My ship Counselor (described above) made even more wonders that already reported.

  • Expanded her communication to sentient plants, oceans and Shakleton campaign alien.
  • settle a dispute with a Klingon with Knife duel (have you noticed that Medics are good with Daring?) and earned their respect in joint missions
  • Convinced Klingons to put old war veterans as Ship Counselor in their ship
    The title of Ship Counselor begins to be synonymous to Great Warrior (not unlike Doctor Who) which may cause trouble when other ship Counselors will work with Klingons that have met our ship counselor.