Saving Milestones

Basically: Where has saving Milestones gone?

In the un-revised Core Rulebook, one could save Milestones and relate to them at dramatically appropriate moments (thanks to one Jason Carl for teaching me said phrase :rofl:) to get the effect of a point of determination (cf. p. 139).

With the revision of the rules in the Klingon Corebook, this is no longer the case. Relating the current to past adventures is now an integral part of character development (and it’s so great…!), but I miss the possibility to save the milestone a little bit.

Why has this been taken out? And what would be a good alternative? Maybe banking Glory/Acclaim of the reputation system for use as determination in the next (and only the next) adventure?

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You could just award a point of determination in the moment? “I’d like to apply this value, referencing back to this adventure when I also used it…”, “ok great, take a point of determination and mark off that you can apply a milestone at the end of the adventure.”