Ross-class specs

Has somebody come up with specs for the Ross class?

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Looks more like a modified Galaxy-Class to me, with a not so subtle influence from a Sovereign-Class.
So go with the Galaxy base stats and add some refits.
In witch time frame does the Ross exist?


Just watched the prologue for the group. It’s a prototype Galaxy-class. Technical Test-Bed mission profile. Not sure what stats the group went with, but yeah… Take a Galaxy, toss prototype trait on with Technical Test-Bed, and apply refits for 2380s. Should be good, since it’s after Voyager returns.


It actually is a heavily Sovereign-influenced Galaxy cross-breed. It exists in between Nemesis and Picard, if I remember correctly. So, 2385–2395–ish, I guess?! That would make two or three refits, if I remember correctly. Since the Ross is an NX-prototype, that will be its trait, in addition to “Federation Starship”, of course.

The Sovereign’s systems differ from the Galaxy only in one points in Engines and Computers, respectively. So, take the Systems of a Constitution Class. I’d say, add a point to Comms or Sensors to stress the multi-role-explorer build of the spaceframe. I go with Sensors, since it’s a science ship, afterall. If you want to stress the fact that the ship is very experimental (two warp cores!!), you could also go with Engines instead of Sensors, but that would make the ship a bit engines-heavy and also prevent any Refit-improvement by the rules as written.

Both ships add to Command and Science in their Departments stats, I would keep this. Since I went with “Sensors” under the Systems stats, I will now add the third point to Engineering. Because, well, you know, the ship has 100% more warp cores built-in than any other Starfleet ship I remember.

Both spaceframes have the same Scale.

Both attack with Phaser Arrays, Photon Torpedoes and a Tractor Beam of identical Strength, so I will obviously keep this, and add the more modern fourth attack of the Sovereign as a bonus.

For Talents, I will go with Saucer Separation (obviously) and Redundant Systems (did I mention the exceedingly high amount of warp cores on that ship?). I also add an EMH (model 3, perhaps?) and the talent for the fourth attack (see above). This leaves one talent-slot open for a free choice by the players.

The Ross itself is most likely a “Technological Test-bed” build, and since it has two warp cores, they most likely chose Improved Warp Drive for a talent. But you could say that it was built for Strategic and Diplomatic Operations (because there is that embassy and the promenade) and include the Improved Warp Drive either in the Spaceframe itself or make it a very reasonable player’s choice. In case you chose “Technological Test-Bed”, including “Diplomatic Suites” is a very, very reasonable choice.

So, this would be my Ross. I will provide full stats, if one of the Modiphius- Accounts permits.


Eric Campbell, the GM of Clear Skies, released an in-universe “welcome packet” for the Ross on his patreon. It’s not an STA ship-sheet with traits and stats, but it does offer some insight, and is really fun.

Now if only Star Trek Online hadn’t locked the Ross behind a $300 paywall.

STO has always charged an arm and a leg for their ships yeah :frowning:

If it is what I am thinking he is saying, then it sounds like the Ross is only available to people with a lifetime subscription…

If it is what I am thinking he is saying, then it sounds like the Ross is only available to people with a lifetime subscription…

That’s not what I’m saying. It’s got nothing to do with LTS, sorry if my use of “paywall” gave that impression.

Legendary Ship Bundles

The Ross is only available in the Legendary Ship bundle that is being added to the C-store next week. It’s a good value for all the ships in it, for people who can afford to lay out $300 dollars at once ($195 introductory price). Unfortunately, that leaves most people like me, who have to save up to buy a single ship when I’m able, out of the picture entirely. Ambassador Kael has said the bundle will only be available for a limited time, and that there are no plans to ever sell the ships individually.

I’m not begrudging STO making money at all, but to make these only available in a mega bundle seems silly and desperate to me. I’d happily pay for them individually, as I was able, and I’m sure a LOT of people are in the same boat.

Did the stats for this ship ever make it out to the public?

it;'d be a galaxy class with abalative armor and maybe 3 or so upgrades applied IMHO

I feel that. I want the Verity dreadnought.