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REH's Americas..?

Duly noted!

I like the idea of REH Americas. Looking at the map of Hyborea I was thinking of printing a map of N&S America and connecting Florida to Mexico, fillling the area around Mexico and connecting the Carribean to the mainland, not a brilliant piccy but here ya go:


The ideas is not bad, but I would not move the island of the Carribean. I would also sink Patagonia, turn the most southern parts of the Andes into a chain of islands and enlarge the Hudson Bay making the Great Lakes part of it (by sinking all of Ontario).

Yeah, I’m liking all of those ideas. But the map raises my main dilema: whether to join the Carriban islands together more or sink them and separate the two continents entirely. The second option is more accurate to tectonic shift, the first one, the wrong one… is more REH! It is a shame Conan’s world doesn’t have more coastline. I think I’d go for the one with mysterious islands and maritime culture.

I googled tectonic shift animation and discovered that at one point N & S America were separate. TBH it is fantasy so my (very rough) map is moot. Thinking about your replies I think I’ll sink SA (sorry Brazil :smiley:) and make it a mix of large and small islands dominated by a central larger island nation, similar to the Minoan Culture during the Classical period. It’s a great excuse to have deep ones all over the place along with communities worshipping Straasha and/or Grome for the Elric novels.

I just found this link… you can set the sea level then print off the screen shot, even with a 60 metre water level rise my little town in the UK suvives… Kevin Costner eat your heart out :smiley:


OMG That’s awesome! Thanks!

nice link ! it makes fun to play with the sink down funktion , but it would have been even more awesome if we could also rise some land masses