Hyborian Age Asia

Howard obviously was interested in the Far East, but is there any Howard Conan stories based on Medieval Japan and Samurai?

Did any Comics set Conan in Medieval Japan?

I know Japan had the whole isolationist outlook until Cmdre perry, but…

The mysterious and exotic east, Vendhya and Khitai, was merely mentioned by REH.
They are based on historical and anachronistic India and China, Japan is not even mentioned, as it is way out of the scope of the original Conan stories.

Regarding historical Japan, or India, or China: I would be careful to simply use our modern view on those REGIONS as monolithic cultures or even states. They were not. Japan had for most of the time wars upon wars of petty states with each other. China had several kingdoms that were at war at nearly all times - plus some horse nomad invasions and some japanese pirates and other problems. India was split up into lots of independent, often divided by religion, states who went to war with each other all the time - until the English came and exploited this weakness.

What we see as India, China, Japan today looking backwards from our modern point of view, is quite wrong in a historical sense. I happened to look into the medieval history of the Indian states quite a bit. India is a subcontinent as is Europe, and the Indian history is as rich in conflicts and events as the European history. India only very recently became a unified state - and that is, as weird as it seems, thanks to the British colonialism. Else the political landscape would look very much like it did for the last two thousand years before the British came.

For a Conan game you can introduce any and all historical cultures as you like, and REH’s epigons did just that - and changed the figure of Conan quite a bit at that.
In a Conan RPG anything goes that you and your players want to play.

So why not sending Aquilonian knights to duel with some feudal Samurai in the mysterious and exotic far east?


i was thinking more of having a Junk get attacked by Nordheimers along the coast, finally coming to shore by ocean-cide pict tribes land…
Samurai in Pictish Wilderness traveling east, Aquilonian PC Scouts exploring west.