How big was ancient Stygia?

I know we’ll have for wait for Adventurer until we know more about the history of Stygia, but after re-reading Thief’s gazetteer section I noticed there was a Stygian outpost where now is the Nemedian city of Hanumar.
Is there any other reference of how big was ancient Stygia?
I’m not talking necessarily about Howard’s works, when I ask that.

Everything but REH is pure guess/unofficial creation!!

So why asking others?
Make it as big as you like!

We all know that Acheron ruled parts of the Hyborian Kingdoms while the southern parts were all under Ancient Stygia.
But I guess that the exact borders between the two can be defined only according to your needs.

Furthermore, even the Acheron/Old Stygia borders may have been in flux and change through the centuries.
Remember that we are speaking about empires with centuries-long evolutions.


I have a game running in Hanumar. Are you referring to the Cult of Ibis there or something else? Personally I take all of Nemedia to have been part of Acheron, I wasn’t aware of any Stygian outposts that far north.

Thief mentions Hanumar as an ancient Stygian outpost. I like the idea that it was literally (and nothing but) an outpost, and not part of the contiguous Stygian empire.

And yes, I think Nemedia, for most of the time before the Hyborian invasions, was part of Acheron.

Thank you for the answer, @LucaCherstich. Guess you’re right, about developing my own material.

Right now, my idea is that the territory of Nemedia was, for most the time preceding the Hyborian invasions, part of Acheron. But, like you said, Acheron and Stygian are quite old, and most of the West may have changed hands during its history.