Reach vs Creature w/ Melee Attack with Range C

Hey folks. Wondering if anyone has came across this in game before.

We had a creature with the following attack:
Engulf (M): Reach C, 6§, Fearsome 2, Grappling,
Spread 2

Vs a player with a halberd, which we all assumed it would have reach. Since the creature has Reach C, how would the halberd’s reach effect the attack roll?

Depends heavily on the creature. If the creature is using melee attacks and doesn’t have any long appendages I would treat it with the same reach as a dagger which would give the player an advantage so long as they can maintain guard. If on the other hand it is some Cthulu-esq monster with long tendrils then I’d treat it as there is no advantage given.

What creature is this? Resch C (close) is usually only used for ranged attacks. Seems strange on melee attacks. Melee attacks have reach 1 to 3 or 4. so I would pick a number that best reflects the creature‘s weapons.

Hunting Horror
Pg 21 in Conan - Horrors of the Hyborian Age

Either that’s a typo or they have not done a good job highlighting this creatures ability. From the description

creatures with bodies that stretch, grow, and alter according to their whims

and because it is Grappling and has Spread, I would treat it as always having reach 3 or 4. Or the reach is supposed to be fluid, with the horror’s “weapon” always adapting to the attacker.

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Ok, having gone to look at the creature in question I would say that the creature always adjusts to give itself and advantage on the attack. It has range enough with C that any melee weapon would be an attack with an increased difficulty. Since it specifically states that it adjusts according to its whims the creature is going to be one that is nearly impossible to get within the guard of.

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That makes more sense. Thanks folks!