Question re conflict actions per round

There are three players in a conflict scene, two of whom each have an agent/asset in play (say a House Guard). Does that mean that the players have a total of 5 actions per round or still only 3, with the other two players having to choose whether their agent or their character takes an action that round?

I have always run it on players.
So 3 players, 3 actions.
The House Guard are just an Asset at this point, so they don’t have free will of their own to take an action.

One point I would make is that in Warfare situations I don’t restrict the players to their own warfare assets. So for the House Guard Asset, I have allowed 2 players to use it in the same turn.
I see it as representing an intensive conflict at that point in the battle, with the remaining fronts being quiet.

As an example in the last Warfare conflict I ran: One player created a new asset (The Complicated, Q0 black ops team), the next player promptly used it to attack some troop transports behind enemy lines.

Cheers, that’s how I did it in a social conflict but then I was wondering if I might have gotten it wrong.