Question about hand phasers or The NON-Canon Cannon

Presumably when it goes off under the rooftop swimming pool :crazy_face: - autocorrect is a wonderful invention…

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Daggnabbit. They joys of small screens, aggressive autocorrect, and user inattention !

He didn’t allow it to continue to build… but it resulted in a 4-second burst that took the phaser with, and flared bright enough to be blinding…

Humor me … is this actually in the core rules? It might be, but I just haven’t seen it myself. It would invaluable.

Page 134 top left. Fun rule.


I refused to believe this rule existed until I saw it with my own eyes. My wife just said, “You don’t believe in the red shirt rule?” She has a point.

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Yes, and it’s been there since playtest.

Just making a quick point here, and it could easily be negated/obviated by someone quoting the actual “rules” thing, but I think it fits in with STA’s general approach.

Phasers and/or disruptors are as lethal as plot. The example, quoted near the top of the thread, about the vagrant using Dr. McCoy’s phaser Type-1 to disintegrate himself - with no cause or indication as to how he did so - in “City on the Edge of Forever” is explained as plot. The Star Trek: TNG Technical Manual quote given works…as long as it services the plot. As I’ve indicated in previous posts, I feel that Modiphius’ STA enjoys a somewhat unusual status as an RPG where the players and GM are going to be collaborating on what the particular effect or impact of something like a phaser or disruptor might be. “Devil in the Dark”, if it was run as a game, would also use somewhat improvisational house-rules for the effect on Horta/silicon-based life-forms. FASA-, LUG- and DecipherTrek all had specific damage ratings for hand-weapons, energy-based and slug-thrower alike, ranging from grazes (the sort of thing Spock was hit with when Captain Tracey disintegrated that medical unit he was going to use to contact the ship with in “The Omega Glory”) to full-out burn-'em-down extended blasts such as in “Operation: Annihilate”. With STA we’ve got a bit more negotiation room for what a particular hit does, and I think the biggest issue is that consistency within a particular episode/game is maintained so that the players, and GM, have a base with which to begin calculating outcomes.

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