Q'plah! A new addition to STA is coming

The book was written for a specifically Klingon focus, but there’s no reason you couldn’t use the rules as is in a Starfleet game. There’s very little content in the Klingon book for non-Klingon species though, so you’d want at least some of the quadrant books to fill out some of the species, or use the online character generator to make some Starfleet characters.

As for ribbons, I don’t recall if we priced that, but I’ll check. For the moment it’s the book with the debossed leatherette cover.


Are you still looking for errata/clarifications before the book goes to print? I’ve pointed out several here in this thread, but is there somewhere else you’d rather have them?

From my reading I’d say if you can build your character with another method like say the Character builder or a friend has a copy of the Federation Core Rule Book you can definitely just focus on the rules on the Klingon book everything is presented a lot better and more concisely than they were originally. The benefit of having 3 years to reiterate existing rules.
The fluff will be off and the ship roles will all be a bit off though.

Yes, I mentioned earlier in the thread that any errata or typos can be posted here or emailed to me directly at jim at modiphius.com.

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I finally got my hands on the PDF and – I love it! Yes, of course, the layout and art are beautiful, but it’s the improvements I enjoy the most. I have yet to delve into everything, but the new Glory/Shame (Acclaim/Reprimands) system is way better than the original reputation system (which I already liked pretty much!). There are some points I have, but I will discuss them in a separate thread.

The mission briefs are a very good outline to streamline adventure-creation (which is especially useful for those of us with not too much time :wink: ) and I’ll definetly use this structure for my own adventures, together with the outline on p. 283.
(By the way, there’s a typo on p. 308 on the Mission Brief “Subversion”: Suggested Spotlight Role is the “First Officera”. :wink: )

The random lists of species’… distinctivenesses on p. 275 are very nice (I missed this in the original core book – or did I forget about it?! Edit: Found it on p. 290 in the Core Rules. Funny how a different orientation of a table can make it seem all new :smiley: ) and the part about Klingon language… so. cool.

But I have to admit that the part I most enjoy is that this:

… is now official. :smiley:

The “Shifts” sidebar says that shifts are 6 hours long, but it then says the Sleep Shift is “the eight hours allotted to your rest.”

How long is a Klingon standard day? Is it 24 hours? if so, then three 8-hour shifts is probably best (and would be easiest for players to follow). Otherwise, you might need 4 (or more) shifts, and that doesn’t mesh perfectly with the first, second, and third officers each running their shift (with the captain running all whenever he feels like it).

In my edits, I changed eight hours to six hours. We’re keeping consistent with the Haynes BOP manual, which notes Klingons have three 6-hour shifts aboard vessels.


Sounds good. I just wanted the two numbers to match and preferred to have three-shift “days” (even if an 18-hour day seems really short).

Page 293 has some missing text between the end of the first column and the start of the second column.

Page 250, the Jem’Hadar Warship has Security 2 but the weapon Strain values and Shieds are calculated with Security 4. Actually, I think many/most (maybe even all) starships have swapped Engineering and Secuirty values.

I hate sounding like a ■■■, but … what book is that? Is it available at Drivethru or somewhere else ?

Another question. Are there any subject races (in this book or any others) ?

I remember one of the old RPGs had something like an ape race, and 3 or 4 other races that were dominated by the Klingons. I know they weren’t cannon from any of the shows or movies, but it was still nice to have other races that were under the Klingons or allied with them.

Is there anything like that around ?

It is available directly at Modiphius’ and, I think, it is also available at Drivethru.

There are only two playable races included: Klingons. One with and one without ridges on their foreheads. :slight_smile:

You might have been thinking of the Prime Directive Klingons book? That’s the RPG for the Star Fleet Battles Universe. It should be easy to convert them as Klingon subject races for STA.

Although the existence of subject races, no matter how easy a life they might have, does kind of indicate that the Federation may have compromised its values somewhat by allying with the Empire!

This book is great so far.

It’s great to have the Klingon core rule book come out as a surprise release. The cleaning up of the rules presentation and focus on Klingons is appreciated by the community.

I would like to see a Romulan core rule book. I know official information on them is not as plentiful as it is for Klingons, but they are the other major political and military power introduced in TOS.

The idea being discussed, that they are reduced to a one dimensional back-stabby Drow-like society, isn’t logical for an advanced, successful and expansionist empire. If they were so non-stop cutthroat with each other they would never have been as successful as they are in the Star Trek universe. They would have been crushed by more powerful and united factions.

They are obviously made to resemble the Roman Empire. Even their names come from the same source. There is plenty of cutthroat scheming and grand ambitions in Rome’s history, but there is so much more to it’s history and list of accomplishments. It was one of the longest lasting and most powerful nations in history. That is infinitely playable and would be a good third primary faction for STA.

It’s quite different from the honor and glory focused Klingons that have a greater resemblance to an amalgamation of medieval era Mongolia and the Viking era Norse kingdoms with a touch of feudal Japan.


Although the existence of subject races, no matter how easy a life they might have, does kind of indicate that the Federation may have compromised its values somewhat by allying with the Empire!

If you know where to look, it’s pretty clear the UPF compromises it’s value fairly regularly…

I’ve just re-watched DS9 5x21 “Soldiers of the Empire” and I so. much. want. to. play. a Klingon game!! :heart_eyes: :heart:

I’m really looking forward to Klingon-themed missions / campaigns!


Very true!

it’s really really clear yeah.