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Possible New Talent: Not Too Far

Kaor folks,

I’m playing with ideas for a new talent, but I’m not sure what to grade it as it does not add D20s or combat dice. The talent covers the extraordinary feats of ranged shooting attributed to the Tharks.

Not Too Far (Grade ? talent)
Circumstance: When taking a single shot with a long gun
You are able to treat a target at “Too Far” range as “Far” range as long as you have line of sight on the target.

This should probably require a momentum spend. What do you think would be appropriate?

Alternately, this range capacity can be from the Thark’s optical sights, which I remember being mentioned in the novels so maybe I should approach this from a gadget / equipment angle? Am I barking up the wrong Calot-tree?

If its a piece of eq, then it’ll probably cost XPs. I think there’s something about gm rifles in the Dotar Sojat supplement.

If I read it right, it’s not a piece of equipment. It’s probably a combo of keen eyesight and steady aiming to hit something really far away as not so far away. More of a skill than a telescopic sight.

The OA states this alternative in the last paragraph.


Gotcha. I was focused on the first part of the post, you were looking at the second. In the re-read I see your point.

OK what I was originally proposing is actually already covered by the Thark Marksmanship trait.


The name of a talent is irrrelevant. It only matters what it does.

Thought I’d seen something like that! Where, pray tell?

Just for future reference, the reason that Green Men and other adept Martian marksmen can put accurate shots 200 miles downrange is a mixture of Martian biology, preternatural eyesight, control of twitch muscles, mental ability etc., and technology. Your average Martian sniper and their radium rifle doesn’t use a traditional scope as Jasoomians know them, but rather a sophisticated radio-based target acquisition system. This feeds information back to the soldier, allowing them to calculate the multiple fire missions that may be necessary to eliminate a target.

The radium rifle isn’t just a rifle, and Barsoomians aren’t just different colored humans. :slight_smile: