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I do not have it with me right now but in the starter set, for the second mission it is stated that to be equipped with « vacuum suits » the players need to spend one Momentum each for each suit. This surprised me because I thought to myself, if the players are going to tell me «we bring vacuum suits » do I have to answer « you have to pay for it »?

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E.g. First Contact Geordi

It was pretty explicitly stated as such during the beta. I don’t recall if it was in the rules or just the forums.

It comes naturally to me, as it’s similar in many more recent game engines - Cortex Plus, Fate, Houses of the Blooded, Burning Wheel… all of which I’ve run and enjoyed.

In many narrativist designs, equipment is a matter of spending a point of some kind to get a needed object (Cortex Plus; Fate). In others, a task roll (TSR’s AMSH; Burning Wheel & derivatives; Houses of the Blooded; Fate).

Yeah, I’m not going to charge players for equipment they MUST have to complete the mission. In order to get to the command section to restore the air or find out their next destination, they will require the vac suits. I have no problem making any tasks performed in a vac suit +1 difficulty however.

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I would agree.

I found the reference: it’s on page 25 (scene 2) the cost is one Momentum per suit. My best guess is that the character would pay the cost provided they forgot to specify they would carry any space suit.