Persistent effects damage reduced by armor?

Do persistent effects have their damage reduced by armor? If one of my players sets a Nachtwolfe Stalker on fire and gets 3 rounds of persistent 4 fire damage, does the 7 points of stalker armor negate any damage? Or a Blevins Steam gun salvo attack? If it triggers a persistent 3 effect then it must have hit some skin and should be doing ongoing damage unhindered by armor. I couldn’t find anything regarding armor and persistent effects. If there isn’t an official rule regarding this, I will probably decide case by case.

This is not clearly stated - not in A!C 2d20 nor in previous 2d20 RPGs which have the Persistent X damage quality.

There had been quite a few questions about that in the different 2d20 Discord servers.
For Fallout and Star Trek Adventures the official answers had been, that the Persistent X damage is still reduced by Armor.
But, as Fallout has different Damage types and Armor types, fire damage might not be reduced by armor that would reduce radiation damage, for example.

So I think deciding on a case by case basis is probably the best way to handle this.