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NPC Aspect How to use them?

I’m currently reading Dominion story.
I was wondering how to use NPC’s Aspects in the game ? Do NPC have Fate points ? How can they gain Fate points to use their own Aspects ?
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As far as I can tell, yes, NPCs have FPs to use, which work eggsactly like FPs. This is a FATE basic rule.

Do you mean they all have 5 in Refresh ?

AFTBRN, the GM begins with a FP per PC per scene. This FP pool is recalculated each scene.

I believe theres a free FATE rules SRD somewhere you can check out.

Thank you. I find the rules in the Fate Rules SRD as you say. I wish this was as clear in Mindjammer book. Or as easy to find :wink:

The index in Mindjammer is pretty good, look it up under GM Fate Points or so…

You right again. In the index of Mindjammer it’s definitly written.
But In my french translate book of Mindjammer, the entire text about GM’s Fate points is missing completly. That’s why i couldn’t find the information !

GM Fate Points
The GM gets fate points, too, to use for NPCs, but they’re acquired differently from players. When you give players fate points for compels and concessions, they come from a notional unlimited fate point pool — you don’t have to account for them, and you won’t run out.The NPCs you run work differently; at the beginning of a scene, you receive a fate point pool equal to 1 point for every PC in that scene, which you can use for your NPCs. Your fate point pool is also added to if one of your NPCs’
aspects is invoked, or you accept a player-driven compel, or you concede a conflict on behalf of that NPC. Usually the fate point pool vanishes at the end of the scene, to be replaced by a new recalculated pool at the beginning of the next. However, if an NPC concedes a conflict and that concession ends the scene, you keep the fate points earned for the next scene.

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A la vache! Is it an official translation? :upside_down_face:

Yes it is :cry: