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Need Adventure Third Act with Sheryl Crow

I have an adventure I’ve run a few times that feels incomplete. The crew follows a trail of satellites that have musical puzzles. Along the way, Ferengi and Klingons join the scavenger hunt, convinced this leads to a storehouse of Singh lost technology. They find it leads to a bunker on a moon where Wyatt Crow cloned his mother Sheryl Crow a hundred times and has them all in stasis until they’re found. Wyatt wants to send all his mothers around the galaxy to entertain everyone. One Sheryl resists wanting to live a quiet life. The issue of clone rights comes into play, as well as what to do with the Sheryls. The simple life Sheryl trires to take the ship hostage unless she’s allowed to live her own path.
This is where I end it. It feels like something else should happen that I can’t figure out. Please help.

What about the 99 other Sheryls? Do they want to venture out in the galaxy to entertain? Don’t they feel that it de-values their art because there are so many of them performing it?

In any case it feels like the Klingon and Ferengi angle is missing. While this is a great story about rights, these two factions in particular should have a totally different viewpoint.

While the PC ship is taken hostage, the Ferengi should actually be totally behind Wyatt because that sounds like profit! They probably want to scale up the cloning to put a Sheryl in every Ferengi club. Which in turn might give Wyatt second thoughts about the whole cloning endeavor and may convince him that the best amount of Sheryl Crows is exactly one.

The Klingons probably have a radical opinion about this and may even threaten to annihilate the planet or the player ship because they can’t allow anyone to be taken hostage.

So I don’t know if this is what you are looking for but it gives the players several challenges they need to tackle.

It does give several ideas. In my elevator pitch I negelected to mention the Ferengi offer to be Sherysl’ manager and yes get profit! The Klingons support the Sheryl clones because Kahless is essentially a clone. The Federation teams (when I ran it) thought of Federation dislike of genetic engineering (a la Kahn) and added stress there. It just feels like this adventure wants to jump to warp one more time for something bigger to happen, but I don’t know what.

Maybe expand? Something with cloning went terribly wrong and team blue needs to fix it (or not, due to Federation’s dislike of genetic engineering) or some of the clones will die and/or go berserk.

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Psycho Sheryl Crows running loose!

The ferengi is a collector of dead musician clones. Inside his ship there’s also a famous Klingon Opera singer. He also has a clone of Alanis Morissette who had never spoke. He wants Sheryl for his collection.
At the end Alanis spoke, but nobody hear anything except the Ferengi.
Since nobody can’t support the voice of God, he either explodes or repent. Yes, this is a direct Dogma reference
Sheryl crow sings Be Myself and leaves on every day is a winding road (or go into nearest star with Soak up the sun)

  • The Ferengi is beheaded by the Klingon Opera singer, and she will go on a killing spree or a ritual suicide.
    A hundred of Elvis clones escaped (we all know Elvis was alive)
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I like this direction. I’m going with Keith Richards lived to 2160s, convinced the Rolling Stones should be cloned and made to conquer the galaxy as far as entertainment. He found out about Wyatt;'s plan, acted like an investor, drugged Wyatt and gave 4 Sheryls an injection that makes them Khan-like super soldiers with massive aggressive personalities. At a concert they take the leaders of the Orion Syndicate prisoner and take over the syndicate, calling it the Crow Syndicate. They sell stolen starships to the Maquis. The crew tracks them down to where they’re handing off a pair of Constellation retired ships to the Maquis. Amongst the Sheryls on the bridge is a clone of KEith Richards, calling the shots.
Whatcha think?

why my reply to you needed approval

Keith Richards as a pirate? Pirates of the Caribbean
Immortal Mick Jagger? Freejack

Just made the stat block for Keith Richards augment.

Keith Richards

Traits: Human, Augment


It’s good to be anywhere

The Rolling Stones were the last word in entertainment

I will bend others to my will

Control 12 Fitness 6 Reason 9

Daring 14 Insight 10 Presence 12

Command 4 Security 2 Conn 1

Science 0 Engineering 0 Medicine 3

Focuses: Guitar Playing, Acrobatics, Intimidation, Shipboard Security, Controlling Armies


Endless Haze: Keith has an endless stash of medicine he can apply to his enemies as a Daring + Medicine roll. On a success, the hallucinogens kick in. For that character, the Complication Range is increased to 5.

Shipboard Systems Assets: Keith can create assets using Daring + Security to create energy fields and other hazards to command the battlefield. He can spend a Doom to increase the Difficulty of overcoming them to 3.

Extraordinary Attribute 1 (Presence): Keith gains an automatic success on Tasks

that use the Presence Attribute.


Keith Richards need a better fitness or a talent, he survived Earth Wars, as intended by his meme.

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In my adventure he’s a 112 year old clone. He’s to be used as a Commander and to create security assets in the battle zones.