Mr. Handy fuel usage

Greetings! I have a small question in regards to Mr. Handy fuel

Here is the situation.

I have Mr Gutsy who carries one Mr. Handy Fuel and I have a Mechanist who also has one Mr. Handy Fuel. They are standing nearby within yellow ruler and LOS

Mr. Gutsy activates and according to sharing he can use Mr. Handy fuel from Mechanist’s pockets as its own. So he uses Mechanist’s fuel and moves one red for free. Then Mr Gutsy uses his own fuel and moves one red ruler once again for free. Is it correct? I haven’t seen any rules stating against that, yet I have a feeling you guys didn’t have intention to have Mr. Handy to have two red free movements at hte beginning of the game.


Using the two Fuels would be allowed. RobCo just makes them that good!



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