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Moving twice with momentum question

does the 2nd move require a roll? What if the second zone has more defensive assets than the first. This is something that came up for me. Not sure If I’m understanding the rule.

If you are taking a new action after having kept the initiative, you would need to roll.
If you are moving an opponents asset after a subtle or bold move you can just move it as it’s part of succeeding the original roll.

Thank you!

Ok I was thinking about this a little more and had 2 questions.

Would you rule that the momentum spend to move an extra zone (not keeping the initiative, just the bonus movement) also not requiring a second roll?
–came up in a duel test that it could bypass a more difficult zone ‘for free’.

Also, another question that came up is whether asset movement in a situation like a duel should be a contest against opponent roll (this feels wrong to me, but players might prefer the odds here) rather than a base 2 difficulty, since it is assumed to be actively opposed. Feels like too much rolling to me, but the rules can be interpreted this way.