Lotus forms and properties

Besides what is listed under Petty Enchantments in the Sorcery section of the CRB, is there any sourcebook which details the various forms of Lotus? I know the Wanderer book in its original “unsanitised” form has a brief section on the Lotus Road, but what I am looking for specifically is information about the plant itself, and how it is taken. Is it a root that you chew like in the 82 Arnie film? (“This better not be Haga!”). Is it a leaf that you smoke? A resin perhaps? Do you crush the petals into a powder to inhale? A side question: the effects of the Golden Lotus Petty Enchantment list it as an opiate which causes madness. How is that supposed to work mechanically? Has anyone else addressed these issues at all in their games? I’m interested to see how they were resolved.

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I’ve been researching this while fleshing out alchemy for my Mythras Hyboria campaign. It seems different types of lotus have different effects based on what form they take ie smoked, consumed, etc. One of the web sites I found that I have been using is An introduction to the lotus. | AGE OF CONAN RP COMMUNITY

I know that isn’t a Modiphius resource but you could use it to develop your own rules.


Horrors and Skelos have stuff related to Alchemy throughout.

Thanks Elirion, that’s a good start!

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This link might give some insight, too, as Lotus is not really in depth described in the Conan 2d20 books.

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And I just checked, in the Add-On products from the Conan Kickstarter there had been the whole collection of Mongoose Conan D20 PDFs. There, scattered through a few books (especially the “Scolls of Skelos”) are Lotus references, preparations (in some interesting variants to the ones in Conan 2d20) and a bit more information about the origin and acquisition of Lotus.


Thanks, that is very helpful!

Sorry for necro’ing this thread but I’m researching artefacts and somesuch… in one story the flower is waved over Conan’s head while he sleeps so he breathes in the pollen iirc. In my mind seen as REH used the lotus flower rather than a rose (or a daisy) conjures up otherworld/midde-far eastern images. I always imagined, as a teen, a specialist cultivator growing the flowers, with a mask on of course, like the garden in Black Panther waaaay before it was ever put on the sceen by Marvel… then again maybe the sap can be utilsed for blow darts, maybe the leaves can be chwed… I’m thinking when I include it in a homebrew adventure each encounter with Black Lotus will be a different method of use… maybe even a small resin-like cube, melted over a candle flame in a small silver teaspoon and taken oraly, then another where the entire flower, roots and all, are boiled in a self contained glass bong and the user smokes it like a turkish nargile…

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