Kazon ship errata needed + a plasma torpedo Persistent effect sanity check

First, the Kazon Predator from the Delta sourcebook (p. 87) doesn’t have a value listed for Persistent!

Now for the meat of my question. Plasma torpedoes have the Persistent X damage effect. This means that after a torpedo hits, at the end of each Round the target takes an additional X points of damage for [Effect] number of Rounds.

Tholian plasma torpedoes have the Persistent 2 damage effect (whether the scale 2 Spinner or the scale 5 Weaver, both from the Alpha Quadrant sourcebook). This means that the Tholian Weaver, a ship as large as the Enterprise-C, has plasma torpedoes whose Persistent effect is shrugged off by a runabout with resistance 2. Should the value be increased for the Weaver or should Persistent ignore resistance? (The latter is dangerous, as the Refit D’Deridex in Gamma has a Persistent 8 plasma torpedo.)

I checked errata and didn’t see anything for either the Tholian or Kazon ships.

After chatting with Nathan (the 2d20 rules developer), he indicated that his intent was that Resistance applies to damage caused by Persistent.

The Tholians are likely underpowered. I’d suggest increasing their Persistent value, maybe 2 + their Scale?

Nice catch. I don’t recall anyone talking about this during the playtest years ago or in the 4 years the game has been out. I still have time to add a clarification to the Klingon core, so thanks for raising the question.

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